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Автор: kouzmanov Категория: Изкуство
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Постинги в блога от Януари, 2011 г.
27.01.2011 12:54 - 2010
Abstraction as the preferred reality

Always makes an impression with his pleasant appearance in the classic combination of black and white. Fast-paced gait, crisp swish greeting with a smile, stop for a good word. Looking at me over his glasses and tells of many things. With or without coffee, listen, watch it and hope to always remain so ... Ognyan Kuzmanov - quick experimenter real modernist in their own life style and art.
There are artists who find it difficult to speak. The difficulty comes from the simple fact that they do not see themselves as constant or as moderator for what is happening in your heart, mind and hands. With the eternal question over what has been created, they will always be the best critics of his personal choice, survived pure, impassive reasoning about reality as an objective and comparable.
The analysis of what is happening in contemporary art, often repeated, that the artist must now produces and introduces social spaces and cultural knowledge. I sincerely doubt such definitions limited to stahanovets artist, whose uninterrupted streaming tape gushing countless art derivatives omitted from the Renaissance. (Interpose this paragraph, amazed by the fact that still wasting time accumulating set to give birth empirical basis of any subsequent reasoning our way of breathing and the new Bulgarian fine art of the XXI century.)
For Ognyan Kuzmanov world is happening today, it is possible to change the evening, most likely tomorrow is another. His paintings do not represent weekday plot; painted fabric is a reflex of the present: the city as a state, as an epilogue sunset, sea, woven in cobalt of dreams ... The composition is a puzzle for grown-ups and story and poetry is a message and a renewed image of reality. The color is mostly concept of state of mind - grafitenosiv with dynamic loop, which locks unpredictable cohabitation burst of violet and vermilion ascended into heaven illusion of commensurability ... Imprisoned in particular combinatorics, the composition need not be comparable and recognizable forms. Above all, it is one that "fits" of today"s thoughts and knowledge of Ognyan Kuzmanov, anticipation is of him as the future.
Certainly his painting retains respect for reality as the author"s imagery update, read the fine in female profiles piety is part of knowledge, beauty is communicating with new interpretations.
Parallel terms "reality" and "abstraction" reconcile our own modernity. Today, in this partnership forms and funds can not be predicted.
Transformed as a new reality abstraction is an intermediary between us, our senses and compliment Ognyan Kuzmanov to our own intelligence.

Antonia Karaivanova, October 2009
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27.01.2011 10:34 - NUDE
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18.01.2011 11:42 - MAVZOLEIA PLEVEN
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18.01.2011 11:41 - PANORAMATA PLEVEN
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